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WebSmith (actually, Vesatronics trading as WebSmith) operating from Bergvliet in Cape Town, offers four types of Software, Internet and Development services:

Internet/Intranet Projects:

All aspects of Internet projects are handled, and we specialize in the design and publishing of reasonably priced Internet and Intranet Web Sites. From simple 3 page static HTML sites to 100 page ASP/PHP database driven sites of over 15000 lines of code. including:
  • Domain registration
  • Photography, Logos, Graphics
  • Active, dynamic Web pages using ASP or PHP
  • HTML, XML, ASP, PHP and JavaScript coding
  • Database creation and maintenance (Oracle, SqlServer, MySql, Access)
  • Publishing
  • Contract Web mastering, site updating
  • Connecting an Internet application to a PC application, eg your cold storage room controller.

Calculate what a new Web site will cost you:
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(For your interest, the contents of the above table are not hard-coded in HTML like the rest of this page, but exist in a MySql database and are fetched 'on-the-fly' by PHP at the web server each time this page is requested. This makes site maintenance very easy).

Click Here for detailed account of the steps involved in getting you or your company published on the Internet.


Microsoft Office Automation:

The programs in MS Office were designed to work with each other, this is often easier said than done, and few people or companies ever get to see the truly amazing power of Office Automation. What are we talking about here?
Office is made up of Word (word processor), Excel (spread-sheet), Access (database), Powerpoint (presentations) and Outlook (contact, calendar and email organizer). They can all be made to share and exchange data and information between each other and many other outside related applications such as Visual Basic programs and external databases such as SqlServer to name just a few. Although Office provides a way to do this through 'OLE' or Object Linking and Embedding, more effort is often required by writing VBA Macros inside the applications or writing VB programs to do the dirty work seamlessly behind the scenes. This is what WebSmith will do for you. If you can put into words how you would like your data to be shared, exchanged or manipulated, I can do it for you.
  • Using Outlooks address book to create newsletters or mass email's
  • Creating automatic Web pages from Access database information
  • HTML, XML, ASP, PHP and JavaScript coding
  • Displaying Access database content inside Web pages
  • Making virtual Web pages from database content 'on the fly'

Custom Software Development:

Any custom software application can be undertaken no mater how small or unique. These are typically programs that run on your PC such as:
  • Extraction of personnel data from VIP or Unique into conventional databases like SqlServer or Access.
  • Exporting HR equity information into Van Zyl Rudd
  • Parsing of any text documents into databases
  • Creation of encrypted HTML payslips from payroll print files (save having to print hundreds of payslips - make them available on your intranet.
  • Interfacing pre payment telephone systems to the Internet
  • Turning your lights on and off from your PC or the Internet
  • Starting and running other PC programs when you are not at the PC
  • Capturing data from any type of text documents and saving it in a database
  • Monitoring your online time and forcing a hang-up if you forget - big savings!
  • Graphical analysis of share trends
  • Saving confidential data in encrypted databases
  • Mail-merge email's to bulk email with custom attachments
  • Personalized selective backups

Electronic Projects:

In addition to the software projects, we have 30 years of experience in the electronic research and development industry. This enables us to develop projects with a high level of understanding between hardware and software requirements. Some of our past projects include:
  • PC controlled tank level controller with control over the Internet
  • Remote Internet surveillance and monitoring
  • Embeded micro controller controlled paint filling machines
  • RF communications equipment
  • Custom Modems for extreme environments
  • High Voltage titanium Anodizers
  • Esoteric Hi-Fi Amplifiers

Ten reasons why you should use WebSmith:

  • You will save money and time
  • You will increase office productivity
  • I have good references
  • I am inexpensive (R180/hour)
  • You only pay for what you need
  • I'm mature and experienced
  • I'm available for short term jobs
  • I work in your area
  • You can trust me with your data
  • I need your business